Seleção de Executivos


Marco Antonio Bayeux
Director, Executive Search Area Mr. Bayeux works since 1978 in the executive search area. He founded GreenHill Consulting House in 2000. Formerly, he was with PricewaterhouseCoopers, SpencerStuart Management Consultants and WardHowell International. His experience includes general management, financial and controllership, sales and marketing, quality and research & development executive search assignments.
Mr. Bayeux is generalist and in the last years is working, with emphasis, in executive search projects in the technology, telecommunications, consumer products, energy and services industry.

Alexandre Chenovart Cuevas
Associate Consultant, Executive Search Area
Mr. Cuevas is an experienced executive search professional, working since 1982 in this area. He joined GreenHill Consulting House in 2003 and, formerly, worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and TASA - Executive Search Consultants. His experience includes finance, treasury, controllership, auditing, sales, marketing, IT, industrial and technical search assignments.
Mr. Cuevas has developed important and sensible projects to the banking, retail, automotive, telecommunications, beauty and personal care, trading and marketing services industry segments.