Seleção de Executivos


GreenHill Consulting House is totally transparent in terms of negotiation of executive search services fees, positioning according Brazilian market practices as well as the experience of its Partners and Directors but maintaining its focus on a long term relationship with selected potential clients.
Expenses related to the project, such as previously approved traveling expenses, long distance telephone calls, documents special delivery, eventual candidate and consultants meals, local transportation, air tickets, hotel, etc, are not included in the total of the project fee and are charged separately on a monthly basis.
GreenHill Consulting House replaces candidates who voluntarily resign during a previously established period of time of his employment. This same assurance also applies if our client find it is necessary to request the resignation of a candidate, in the same period of time, for reasons which, had they been known initially, would have precluded his employment. In either case, GreenHill Consulting House will only bill for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in seeking a replacement and will not charge any additional professional fee.